About Sweet Lime Digital

Sweet Lime Digital is fully functional digital services and creation platform that will plan, create and execute all your brand and individual communication needs digitally. An Integrated Digital platform that can Market and showcase brand communication across all three mediums...ON AIR, ON GROUND & ON LINE.

In a competitive and complex market scenario, all brands need to be able to penetrate to its consumers effectively, in order to communicate directly with them. This not only reduces wastage of marketing spending, but also ensures results with immediate effect. Sweet Lime Digital, also possesses a huge and diverse indexed data base that helps our clients reach their customers directly and allows a continuous dialogue with them.

Sweet Lime Digital Ideology

We believed/understood the need for skill integration within a single channel to be a viable, nimble, efficient and effective extension to our clients’ team. As an Agency Partner, we ensure not just service delivery but solutions for our clients. We are not multiple businesses with independent P&L objectives. We are a single team with integrated specialized skills and human assets, ensuring optimized utilization of our clients budget by eliminating multiple layers of margins through outsourcing and dilution of objective through the layers.


We say what we do, We do what we say!


Without much jargon, Our vision is to be a 100% in-house capability based agency. Truly so!


To create an environment which breeds and nurtures digital thoughts backed by tangible and practical delivery approach. People is our strength and so shall it be!


We rock.

We are humble, hungry, restless and constantly striving to better our best. A diverse team with vast experience and specialisation, well integrated across all disciplines, Technology, Digital, Design and Content. Our focus is our work. Work that delivers business to our clients’ businesses. Work that enables brands to remain timeless in the ever-shifting world. We thrive in work that is creative, aspirational and responsible.

We think speed.

Everything we do is oriented to rapid execution. Our agency model includes and revolves around the talent that we incubate. And our "Everyone's a Digital" staffing philosophy with a commitment to in-house talent over outsourcing, gives us the flexibility to conceive, build and design Digital solutions as fast as we can deploy them.

We’ve been there, done that.

While technology challenges the process all the time, we believe in challenging the technology through our organic fabric. This helps a heady mix of human instinct and tech prowess. It's been a while doing this but what’s great is, we have made it, “OUR WAY OF LIFE”, hence it seems the only way. Been there done that, seems arrogant but after decades that's the most humble way we can put it.

We don’t have a choice.

Some of us were MBAs, IAS Officers, Film Makers, Brand Heads, Painters, Photographers, Writers, Marketing and Media Planners etc who would have been comfortable on the clients side with cushy portfolios. But what we chose was communication and finding the block hole and filling it. Communicate through our expertise and collaborate with our clients to achieve at all costs.
The approach was not to only see what we can gain, but definitely to stop what our client is losing and turn that around to deliver a winning hand.

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